Mozilla Par-tay 3.0!!!

Saturday March 4th, 2000

The second anniversary of Mozilla is just around the corner, and that means another Mozilla party! The Mozilla Party 3.0 is in San Francisco this April 6th at the Sound Factory. The Kofy Brown Band is the musical guest for the bash. To find out more, check out the party flyer. Hopefully we'll have a badass beta to celebrate.

#20 Re: 21... geesh

by rkl

Tuesday March 7th, 2000 5:11 AM

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I've always wondered why this age limits are set *all the same* in a particular country.

For example in the UK:

* You can have hetero sex, get married and play the national lottery at 16.

* You can drive at 17 (strange age that one).

* You can drink and have homosexual sex at 18 (don't ask me why the latter isn't 16, I don't know).

* You can be a member of parliament at 21 (quite why 18 isn't considered old enough is beyond me - too young to lie ?!).

* It's illegal to carry a firearm and now illegal to even own a handgun. I actually agree with both of these - one of the few things the UK government has got right :-)

Personally, I'd rather some fixed age (apart from the guns !) was used, like 18. Sex is probably the big problem - what with 12 year old girls regularly getting pregnant...