Mozilla Par-tay 3.0!!!

Saturday March 4th, 2000

The second anniversary of Mozilla is just around the corner, and that means another Mozilla party! The Mozilla Party 3.0 is in San Francisco this April 6th at the Sound Factory. The Kofy Brown Band is the musical guest for the bash. To find out more, check out the party flyer. Hopefully we'll have a badass beta to celebrate.

#12 East Coast Party?

by superyooser

Sunday March 5th, 2000 11:26 PM

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Why don't they have a simultaneous Mozilla party on the east coast (U.S.) or in other locations?

It looks like is not "scaling" well. I'm sure back in the day, JWZ and his buddies at Netscape could go out and celebrate at a local night club just fine. (Yes, I'm aware JWZ abandoned us.) Unfortunately, the SF night club venue is not sufficient anymore. It's time to see things as they really are. The Mozilla project consists of thousands of developers and testers all over the world.

Question 6 of the party FAQ says: "Am I actually invited? I'm very insecure, and so this isn't totally clear to me yet." Answer: "Yes, you're invited!"

There is a REASON why people would be confused as to whether they were actually invited. The BLANTANTLY OBVIOUS QUESTION is: "How the hell is everybody supposed to fit in ONE club?!? Are we are *ALL* *REALLY* invited?!" Yeah right.

The party itself, I believe, does carry the right spirit. However, the VENUE of the party does not fit with the principle of inclusion that Mozilla and open source are all about.