Mozilla Par-tay 3.0!!!

Saturday March 4th, 2000

The second anniversary of Mozilla is just around the corner, and that means another Mozilla party! The Mozilla Party 3.0 is in San Francisco this April 6th at the Sound Factory. The Kofy Brown Band is the musical guest for the bash. To find out more, check out the party flyer. Hopefully we'll have a badass beta to celebrate.

#11 Under 21?

by whocares

Sunday March 5th, 2000 9:10 PM

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For all of you who are under 21 I just thought I'd share a peice of spam I grecieved a few days ago...

"INTERNATIONAL DRIVER'S LICENSE Need a new driver's license? Too many points or other trouble? Want a license that can never be suspended or revoked?

Want ID for nightclubs or hotel check-in?

Avoid tickets, fines, and mandatory driver's education.

Protect your privacy, and hide your identity.

The United Nations gave you the privilege to drive freely throughout the world! (Convention on International Road Traffic of September 19, 1949 & World Court Decision, The Hague, Netherlands, January 21, 1958) Take advantage of your rights. Order a valid International Driver's License that can never be suspended or revoked.

Confidentiality assured. CALL NOW!!! 1-937-586-9313


Now I have no idea if this is a hoax or a scam, but if you realy want to get in it might be your only hope.