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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#97 My 10 wishes for Mozilla...

by Rick_g

Monday March 6th, 2000 10:05 AM

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Sorry to interrupt the "Netscape vs. Explorer" discussion, but i think that wasn't the topic.

Why i'm still interested in Mozilla:

a) I h8 the microsoft way of programming. (I still remember the "This program requires the VBRUNX00.DLL" message)

b) I don't like Netscape 4.x's speed of browsing.

c) Mozilla promises speed, small disk space, and is free! (And open source if that wasn't enough. Hail Gecko! :o)


I would like a browswer:

a) Doesn't crash or crawls (or growls with my harddrive) when i open some complex page in my 16 MB machine. The last milestone i tested (M13 i think) did that on ALL pages!

b) That is tolerant with incomplete pages , this is, closes open tags.

So far when Netscape 4.x loads a 200K table page (where 100K are advertisements - ugh), suddenly i have to reload because the transfer got stalled. Since i don't get ANY text (the /TABLE tag wasn't received yet), i press reload. Guess what? I get a "Transfer interrupted!" message in the middle of a hyperlink, making a whole paragraph being treated as a link. UGH. :[

c) That loads and unloads faster (or at least as fast) than explorer.

d) That doesn't have 1,000 files of 100 bytes each on many directories, consuming 1,000*8192 = 8MB instead of 100K or 200K. I like Netscape 4.x because it has HUGE but FEW files, optimizing my disk space. Actually i was dissapointed with Mozilla, because expanded it used 20MB. But oh well, why i complain, Microsoft was so ashamed of its 80MB that it replaced the full program for an active installer - only 500K - wow! :P

e) That has the little green dragon as the logo :o) I liked a lot the cartoon in "Netscape's New [L]ayout" in .

f) That can be customized ANYTIME about MAPI (make current mail reader as default for windows, use last reader found)

g) That can import and/or export bookmarks and mail (call it internet mail, exchange, outlook, outlook express - i won't tell my personal experiences but you can imagine ;)

h) That can switch between pages with a TAB. if you've seen Tabsurf WebBrowswer(<>) i think you'll understand me. It was a great idea! It would even better if i could right-click on a link and choose "open in a new tab" option.

i) That doesn't treat ".ps.gz" Gzipped Postscript files as "" (Netscape 4.x does that :T but oh well, that's a minor bug. It's tolerable :) Hey, you could add some options to have a default downloader program (i.e. Go!Zilla) for your own custom file extensions!

j) That doesn't load the whole mail program when you write a mail in a "mailto:" link.

Well, my 10 wishes for Mozilla. Will it pass the Test? Drum rolls please....