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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#92 Open source, great technology

by uksi

Monday March 6th, 2000 4:49 AM

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Mozilla has great promises and so far it's been making a whole load of things come true. Ok, maybe not as fast, maybe not as lightning fast (I won't insert my opinion about JWZ here), but pretty fast anyway. A whole damn friggin' browser from ground up in two years!

Anyway, I love the technology. Mozilla is the only browser that renders my new homepage (not yet up) completely (IE doesn't render certain parts). It's the browser that's making me say "don't bother making sites look good under NS 4.7, just make them useable with the browser." And I hope that when Mozilla is out, it will replace NS4.7 for most people so that I can design web pages and not go bald.

It's also open source. Although I have little time, I have contributed some code to Mozilla and assisted with one or two bugs. Ok, it's not much, but it's something, and once a decent beta is released, I hope that a lot more people will contribute to the project.