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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#78 XP + open source + standards compliant

by RvR <>

Sunday March 5th, 2000 2:44 PM

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First, with Mozilla I feel "at home" on both Unix, Mac and Windows ! It's the ONLY true cross-plateform internet suite, right ?

Then, it's XP + open source / open development + standards compliant... it's the "Perfect Project" ! (just like Linux !)

My expectations are that Bugzilla will still be used to track bugs after the first "final Release" (and that MozillaZine will continue to be the community site it has been since its beginning), that 8-bit alpha transparency will be supported in PNG images, that a lot of themes are created and that a site will be dedicated to them, say ( if you don't know what i mean, check <> ). Also i would like the IRC client ChatZilla to be back in the Tasks menu because I think this could be the "killer" component of the suite. Why isn't it included in M14 ?