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Friday March 3rd, 2000

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#54 On standards and html...

by damian <>

Saturday March 4th, 2000 11:11 PM

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The whole idea of web standards is that you write the html once, and you can expect it to look the same on any browser. This would be great, but in reality it didn't work that way. Microsoft and Netscape pushed their own ways of doing things, with their own html tags which only work for their browser.

Mozilla is going to be a standards complient browser. So if you use only the standard html tags, it should display properly in Mozilla, hopefully in other browsers too. The question is what happens if Mozilla comes to a page that has non-standard html on it? Well a standards complient browser should display the page as best it can, just ignoring the unidentified tags, whether they are Netscape or M$ specific, or my own imaginary <foo> tag. It should NOT fail to display the page, no matter how much it has wrong with it, as long as it has some valid html in it somewhere.

Anyways, following the current standard should not mean that the old standards no longer work, and even very poorly written pages should be displayed as best they can. Can you give any examples of pages where Mozilla's standards complience causes it to fail?

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