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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#43 Simple Browsing...

by Silverthorn <>

Saturday March 4th, 2000 4:38 PM

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One thing that is kind of nice about all of the open source is that Netscape does not have total control on everything, especially the interface type things...

To me, the most important part of Mozilla is still Gecko. If I am thinking right, Gecko is what interprets all the html and shows it...

All of the interface on top of that, including all the skins and e-mail and newsgroups, panel, etc. is just added on.

While all that stuff is nice to have, I have an e-mail program. I have newsgroups. I don't really NEED skins, etc.

What I'm hoping is that eventually things will branch out more, with someone perhaps making a very barebones browser, more like the origional gecko viewer, and just referencing updates in Gecko for things.

That would make it more like Linux, where you have all these different distributions, but they general incorporate the latest official Kernal into them.

So that's what I'd like anyway... Shawn =)

P.S. Since I am always talking about key commands and such it seems. It'd be nice to have an interface that had customizable keybindings that were really easy to access. Like how you can customize everything in EMACS.