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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#37 Re: Interesting...

by wolfseyn

Saturday March 4th, 2000 1:40 PM

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Here are some more valid arguments against IE5... First, there is no e-mail notification feature to my knowledge, and also an overall lack of mail/news integration. I dislike IE's bookmarks: A bookmark (filename) cannot contain: /\:*?"<>| It's hard to organize the bookmarks; you can't drag a link to a specific place in the "Links" folder. Also, I'd really like to be able to view a picture by itself (for printing, maybe) and if I right-click on an Image in Netscape it tells me the name of the image (really usefull when designing web pages) I would like to change the toolbar's size without it changing the toolbar settings in "My Computer"/ Explorer

Thank you for your time...