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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#35 Big Sigh

by Tanyel <>

Saturday March 4th, 2000 11:46 AM

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"The point is that the running of activex controls and plugins are under the same security option (see my previous post) and I get a warning even when displaying simple plugin content (because I won't turn off warnings in that pref). This is obviously intentional on Microsoft's part - to make ActiveX controls seem as secure as plugin content - which they certainly aren't."

Of course, it is intentional. That is the way of the troll. But why not disable the prompt so the plugins run without it? If you click no every time is asks to install an ActiveX control, you should not have to worry about them running and, therefore, should not need prompts to tell you when they are running.

"Never said it was a bad action, or that doing only one action was somehow bad. I meant "one action" as opposed to something else -- in this case, "no action". As in, "I do one thing while you do another"."

If it is not bad and not useless then why complain about it?

"Doesn't in IE5.5 - I checked. It doesn't change at all - a separate lock image appears."

To me, adding to an image is changing it. I understand your statement though.

"they use the same icon for three different purposes (the one is still a mystery to me), and none of these uses are the same. That's just bad design."

Well, maybe the purpose of that Icon is to indicate that a Webpage exists. In this case, the icon in the address bar indicates the address of a Webpage, and the icons in the "Links" bar indicate links to. Following the same pattern, the icon in the status bar represents the status of the current document, which is a Webpage. Among other things, locks represent security. So, adding a lock to the Webpage icon could represent a "secure" "webpage". I suppose it is also possible that they just like plastering that E on everything, but it seems to have been used with a purpose. Also, the icon in the address bar does not change if the address points to a file other than a Webpage. Maybe they did not think about that.