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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#17 Well ...

by danielhill <>

Saturday March 4th, 2000 1:30 AM

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... Netscape 4 sucks, I don't like MSFT, and I need an alternative :)

Seriously, NSCP4 is slow, buggy and out of date. No wonder people laugh at it. MSIE is much better, but it's a Microsoft product. I'm scared of being locked into a proprietary, one-vendor system. I already use Windows98, Office 2000, and IIS for some web servers.

I think the world needs a sane alternative. I count Netscape out. becuase I hate America Online. I don't hate MS, but I hate AOL.

So that leaves Mozilla. As slow as development may be, and I admit these delays are frustrating, I'm willing to wait for Mozilla if it lives up to expectations.

Which are ... a small, fast, reliable and up-to-date DHTML capable browser. I loved the first Netscape developer release of the Gecko engine. No XUL crud, no mail or news or page composer. Just a blisteringly fast browser that fits on a floppy disk.

THAT's what I want to see.