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Friday March 3rd, 2000

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#113 Re: Re: Re: Well simple...

by Tanyel <>

Tuesday March 7th, 2000 7:12 AM

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"Since Tanyel has emphasized a dislike for W3C standards on several different occasions, let me ask what solution you would suggest for the current problem of incompatibility?"

I think any Webpage with a "valid" document type definition should be handled as a W3C compliant Webpage and all others should be handled as a non-W3C compliant Webpage. That is my proposed solution. Please tell me what is wrong with it. If you cannot find anything wrong with it then I want to find that person who stated that it would be difficult to detect which version of HTML a person was using.

"You have said that you want the process to be more 'open'...what does this mean?" It means, if they want to make "standards" that will satisfy everybody, they should not exclude everybody who does not have an excessive amount of money to spend on their organization. They seem like American politicians who cater to lobbyists.

"Have you ever submitted a comment on one of the recommendations?" No. If they have something like MozillaZine, I do not think they made it very obvious. I am certain they see my comments in MozillaZine, since Mozilla is the only group I know of who seems to be listening to them.

How would you suggest that the process work? I suggest it work in a way similar to that of Mozilla, where new recommendations and corrections are "suggested" through something like Bugzilla.