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Friday March 3rd, 2000

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#112 Re: On standards and html...

by Tanyel <>

Tuesday March 7th, 2000 7:03 AM

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"Can you give any examples of pages where Mozilla's standards compliance causes it to fail?"

Yes dear, I can. Here is the simplest example I have:

<map NAME="Tanyel"> <area SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="132,25,211,91" HREF="TanyelPicture.png"> <img SRC="Tanyel.gif" BORDER=0 USEMAP="#Tanyel" height=480 width=200> </map>

I used an image map similar to the above one. It worked fine with Netscape and Internet Explorer. I think it also worked with Opera, and even WebTV, for goodness sake. I did not have to create any "workarounds" as Kovu suggested. However, a W3C recommendation requires "user agents" to ignore the img tag if it is between a <map> and a </map>. Maybe there is a good reason for this, but it seems to me that the only thing this rule does is cause Mozilla to fail to display an image Map that works fine on every other Web browser. It does not fail because of missing tags. It fails because of W3C compliance.

This example was easy to fix, but what happens if I have thousands of image maps like that? And what happens if there is a compliance issue too complex to be solved by just moving an img tag?