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Friday March 3rd, 2000

This weekend's discussion: What keeps you interested in Mozilla, and what expectations do you have?

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#107 Re: My 10 wishes for Mozilla...

by basic <>

Monday March 6th, 2000 7:13 PM

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a) Well, Moz on Linux do have similar problems, it needs GTK... But that doesn't make it a bad product.

b) Moz should be better... I hope!!

c) It better be. MY EXPECTATIONS.

I would like a browswer:

a) 16MB is pushing it quite a bit, Which OS are you running? Any other apps running at the same time? I would say that moz isn't ready for low-end right now, with more leak cleanups, low memory handling codes and some special memory saving modes, that might do the trick.

b) I'm not sure what you are saying here. Do you mean displaying malform *ML or incremetal reflow? If the former, I'd say that is a bad, bad idea, as it only results in more code and possibly causes more bugs. If the latter, moz already has this. Few more tweaks, and it should be fine

c) Known bug, I heard they were going to cut down the number of xpt files and what not. That should do part of the trick. If it really needs to be speeded up further, after the post beta multi-skin capability is in, could they implement a XUL cache dump or something to cut down parsing (if that helps on really really slow machines like and old 486 running win95 with 16MB and slow HD).

d) same as c) I think they are going to combine some of the xpt files. And there are currently many "test.exe" files that can be rid off.

e) Hear! Hear! For a real Moz skin!!!

f) Sounds good, why not report this to bugzilla <> if someone has not beat you to it? ;-)

g) Sounds cool! But I have a feeling this would have to be on a platform by platform basis (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Right now I think they should aim for stability and platform parity first ( I knwo they are almost there, but not quite...)

h) XUL & XBL, that is all I can say. ( and of course a good skin switching system)

i) I don't get this one, your first point, have you tested it? if it has that problem, all I can say is bugzilla. As for the second, do you mean a special download manager interface? I thought we had that already ( the application section in the NS4 needs improvement and it is currently missing from moz, if it is not in bugzilla)

j) Nice idea, I'm not sure if Moz already does this, but if it doesn't I think it would be a nice after 1st release feature.

k) Would love that too... could someone throw in a simple image/photo editor too? While you are at it why not make ender (composer) the ultimate webdev tool (heck why not make it the ultimate UIdev tool or even the ultimate XPdev tool)!

pardon me thinking out loud!