M14 Out!

Wednesday March 1st, 2000

Frank Visser writes, "Hello, mozilla M14 seems to be out, there is now content in the M14 ftp download directory."

This release doesn't contain the crypto code yet. That is still to come. But feel free to download! Currently only Linux and Windows builds available -- more to come. When's the crypto code arriving? "Really, really soon", from what I've heard.

#95 I Love the W3C!

by Tanyel <>

Saturday March 4th, 2000 8:36 AM

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I do not think the traditional style of HTML is "buggy" or "broken". All of these Webpages work just fine with the current Web browsers. They only became "broken" when the W3C decided to make "Web standards" that were totally incompatible with many existing Webpages.

I do not think the problem is the Webpages. I think the problem is the shortsighted, smallminded members of the W3C, who decided to make "standards" that were not compatible with ANY current browsers or Webpages. All of these Webpages were just fine before the W3C came along. Now, all of a sudden, they are bad?

I do not think the W3C should have the right to say all of these Webpages are broken when these Webpages work well on all existing Web browsers and are written in an accepted format. I think some of the designers, who made these Webpages, are going to resent Mozilla for expecting them to change. I also think this is going to encourage them to support only Internet Explorer.

I am not saying there is no reason for all of the recomendations of the W3C. I am saying the W3C should not have the right to make all of the old Webpages "broken". It was not necessary. Also, I am not blaming this on Mozilla. Would anybody like to guess who I am blaming?