M14 Out!

Wednesday March 1st, 2000

Frank Visser writes, "Hello, mozilla M14 seems to be out, there is now content in the M14 ftp download directory."

This release doesn't contain the crypto code yet. That is still to come. But feel free to download! Currently only Linux and Windows builds available -- more to come. When's the crypto code arriving? "Really, really soon", from what I've heard.

#93 Re: Re: Bassackwards Compatibility (allard)

by zontar

Saturday March 4th, 2000 6:03 AM

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-- Mozilla implements the DOM 2 standard event model, which contains both event bubbling and event capturing mechanisms.

True enough of DOM-2 -- but I was under the impression that Moz was only doing DOM-1, as the new standard hasn't yet been finalized...? Of course, I spent most of the fall buried in C++ and VB coding, and may have fallen a bit behind the JS/DHTML times... <grin>

I was really thinking more of the state of affairs in NS 4.X wherein one must remember to turn on capturing for specific events, which can be a real pain sometimes, and about the LAYERs/ILAYERs thing.

Thanks for the reminder to do some reading...