M14 Out!

Wednesday March 1st, 2000

Frank Visser writes, "Hello, mozilla M14 seems to be out, there is now content in the M14 ftp download directory."

This release doesn't contain the crypto code yet. That is still to come. But feel free to download! Currently only Linux and Windows builds available -- more to come. When's the crypto code arriving? "Really, really soon", from what I've heard.

#90 Someone needs to make the negative comments.

by damian <>

Friday March 3rd, 2000 5:43 PM

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I agree, there really isn't anything great about this release. But keep in mind:

1.) It's still a pre-release, not even beta yet. 2.) All the real effort is being put into the upcoming beta, the whole process was not going to be held up to get everything fixed in this release. 3.) This is an open sorce project, so if you don't like the way things are going, you can make a difference. If you don't code, you can write bug reports. Or search existing bug reports for duplicates. Or help confirm bugs. Or switch to another browser that completely sucks, and you have no say whatsoever in its development. Anyways, it's not all bad, Mozilla will eventually be everything that it was promised to be.