M14 Out!

Wednesday March 1st, 2000

Frank Visser writes, "Hello, mozilla M14 seems to be out, there is now content in the M14 ftp download directory."

This release doesn't contain the crypto code yet. That is still to come. But feel free to download! Currently only Linux and Windows builds available -- more to come. When's the crypto code arriving? "Really, really soon", from what I've heard.

#40 Problem persists, giving up

by scalar <>

Thursday March 2nd, 2000 4:28 AM

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Thanks for your reply. However, I've already read the Before You Install section and removed all previous mozilla crud on my system. Still doesn't work.

I also tried the following: disabled all ATM Type 1 fonts to see if mozilla hangs building the font list for ~300 fonts. Didn't help. Altered the memory allocation for both mozilla and all the way to 32 megs a piece. No dice.

Well, Netscape 4.72 works for me, and being the only app with mail and news capabilities built into a browser, I'll stick to it for the time being. I'll give it another look when Netscape 6.0 is out.

<mode=rant> I'm piss sick and tired of milestone after milestone with no actual progress towards a working application and total ignorance of consistency found in other Mac OS apps. Come on, the widgets provided by Apple for handling dialogs, buttons, checkboxes etc. are perfectly usable and *expected* by a Mac user. The world doesn't need another M$ that produces needless chrome with no apparent usability value and a performance hit to boot. Will we get fade-in menus in M15? </mode>