M14 Out!

Wednesday March 1st, 2000

Frank Visser writes, "Hello, mozilla M14 seems to be out, there is now content in the M14 ftp download directory."

This release doesn't contain the crypto code yet. That is still to come. But feel free to download! Currently only Linux and Windows builds available -- more to come. When's the crypto code arriving? "Really, really soon", from what I've heard.

#32 newsgroups unusable

by lubricated

Thursday March 2nd, 2000 1:46 AM

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newsgroups are totally unusable. It's impossible to scroll through 1000 messages. And thats a moderately sized newsgroup. This totally sucks. I don't see how this at all is usable for reading news. Are the developers not seeing this? All they seam to care about is how pretty their code looks and are forgetting to put out a usable product.