Major Status Update at

Tuesday February 29th, 2000

Chris Blizzard is done moving, and has put up a massive status update, with many updates to XPToolkit, Composer, Mail/News, ZopeMozilla, and Seamonkey. If you're interested in the progress of individual components, there's a lot of good information on the status update page, so check for new updates at the beginning of every week.

#11 Broken URL: Password Manager and gooey?

by mchui

Friday March 3rd, 2000 10:22 AM

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On both the Feb 21 and Feb 28 Mail/News updates, a "Password Manager" is mentioned. Does anyone have any references to this system? The Feb 28 update includes a URL with a hostname of "gooey," which presumably is an internal Netscape hostname. Is there a publically available version of this document?