M14 to Contain Crypto Code!

Monday February 28th, 2000

That's right, plans to land the newly opened crypto code on the M14 branch, which will "allow [] to get crypto out to the public, without affecting stability of the tip." But before they push a final M14 out, they want to get some good testing done of the crypto-enabled builds, and we plan to help them out with surveys or polls to gauge user opinion. We should know more Tuesday about when crypto will land in the branch; we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.

You can read more about the crypto landing in Christine Begle's post to the n.p.m.seamonkey newsgroup.


by Pyro

Tuesday February 29th, 2000 6:47 AM

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Yay for crypto! Is https implementation included in this? Mozilla currently doesn't have https implemented (so I can't visit the Symantec beta tester's page). This is not good. Anybody know if https will be included in crypto?