The Fix is In!

Sunday February 27th, 2000

For those of you on Win9x, grab today's (2-27-00) build. The performance fix is in (the disabling of timing code) that results in a substantial speedup. For example, in today's build, Tinderbox loads in 5 seconds on my line, vs. 14.56 seconds on the 2-25-00 nightly. Reload: 3.9 seconds, vs. 14.23 seconds. Other pages show the same speedup (and you can run two builds side-by-side to see for yourself).

#50 Totally agree

by damian <>

Monday February 28th, 2000 1:27 PM

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That sounds like a seriously good idea. I'm sure it isn't too far-fetched either. I think it should be available as an option in preferences, just in case people don't like or weren't expecting this behaviour. Could also include making the keyboard scroll in the frame or list box that the mouse is over. You should write this as a suggestion in bugzilla, being as specific as possible about how it should work.