The Fix is In!

Sunday February 27th, 2000

For those of you on Win9x, grab today's (2-27-00) build. The performance fix is in (the disabling of timing code) that results in a substantial speedup. For example, in today's build, Tinderbox loads in 5 seconds on my line, vs. 14.56 seconds on the 2-25-00 nightly. Reload: 3.9 seconds, vs. 14.23 seconds. Other pages show the same speedup (and you can run two builds side-by-side to see for yourself).

#32 Nah, not on mac

by Waldo

Monday February 28th, 2000 12:09 AM

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Before the splash screen, launching mozilla would create a LONG-ASS period of staring at nothing-- locked out of the computer while the app is loading.

A splash screen at least can be used to tell you what's going on (ie, "Loading thing #1...initializing thing #2...") to let you know that it IS doing something and help pass the time..