The Fix is In!

Sunday February 27th, 2000

For those of you on Win9x, grab today's (2-27-00) build. The performance fix is in (the disabling of timing code) that results in a substantial speedup. For example, in today's build, Tinderbox loads in 5 seconds on my line, vs. 14.56 seconds on the 2-25-00 nightly. Reload: 3.9 seconds, vs. 14.23 seconds. Other pages show the same speedup (and you can run two builds side-by-side to see for yourself).

#23 Please eliminate the splash screen

by FattMattP

Sunday February 27th, 2000 6:17 PM

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Well, this is my personal opinion, but I don't like splash screens. Splash screens may look neat the first time, but they get old the 2nd through the nth time.

Nothing interferes with my productivity like launching Netscape just to have a Window that I can't move, can't close, and can't send to the back, obscure what I am doing until Netscape finally finishes loading. If Mozilla does this, I think it's a big mistake. Nothing should be obscuring the existing user interface until the final interface of the program is ready and is displayed.