The Fix is In!

Sunday February 27th, 2000

For those of you on Win9x, grab today's (2-27-00) build. The performance fix is in (the disabling of timing code) that results in a substantial speedup. For example, in today's build, Tinderbox loads in 5 seconds on my line, vs. 14.56 seconds on the 2-25-00 nightly. Reload: 3.9 seconds, vs. 14.23 seconds. Other pages show the same speedup (and you can run two builds side-by-side to see for yourself).

#22 That's unfounded

by mozineAdmin

Sunday February 27th, 2000 5:50 PM

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Please back up your claim with some real data. You imply that the Mac and Linux developers are doing a half-assed job, an implication I'm sure they don't appreciate. They're working towards platform parity, and it might not occur overnight. I believe your conclusion that "Mozilla will be engineered primarily to be a Windows app" is quite premature, and utterly unfounded at this point in the development process.

The news item for this forum in no way should give *anyone* the impression that Mac and Linux performance is taking a back seat to Windows performance. The fact is that this performance fix brings performance on Win98 back in line with its performance at Milestone 13. It's not an performance improvement in the code, and not even a fix of a regression. It is simply the turning off of timing instrumentation that was slowing down the app.