Tentative Progress to Beta Schedule

Saturday February 26th, 2000

Mozilla is progressing towards beta, and you can now get a look at a tentative schedule. According to the document, M14 should be coming out any day now. After that, there's a steady progression towards 0 beta bugs, with a beta preview along the way. They're hoping to have a beta ready to ship by Mozilla's 2nd anniversary on March 31st. Thanks to Alex for the link.

Also, the performance issues noticed on Win98 have been solved, and we might see them fixed in Monday's dailies. The problem seems to be that all of the performance timing code was enabled in the dailies, which slowed everything down. We'll let you know when the fix is in. You can read more about it in the "We need volunteers to help solve M14 Performance problem" thread in the n.p.m.performance newsgroup.

UPDATE: Jim Roskind posted an explanation of the timing code issue in the .seamonkey newsgroup. Also, the timing code might be removed in today's daily, so check it out when it arrives.

#18 I am serious

by asa <>

Monday February 28th, 2000 7:10 AM

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I have varied standards based on what tasks I'm trying to accomplish. If I'm at work and time is a real factor I am happy that I've got a faster machine (The PII 350). If I'm at home and I've got two or three things going on with two different computers and it's all just entertainment then I don't mind switching to my other machine or another program while mozilla starts up (a long time on the P100 with 16 MB RAM). But it is quite usable. I use mozilla for all of my daily browsing and all of my personal mail and news readinf/sending. Buttons respond satisfactorily to mouseover and menus pop right down when I click on them. Given the choice I'd browse on a faster machine but my limiting factor is really my 56k modem, not my P90 or my P100. (And, yes, I run win98 on those old machines.)