Weekend Discussion

Friday February 25th, 2000

Most of our readers have jobs doing computer-related work. Not all of those readers find their jobs enjoyable. If you could have your ideal job in a computer-related field, what would it be? If you are in your ideal job, tell us why it is ideal. Related to that, how many hours a week do you work, and do you think it's reasonable? What would you consider a reasonable work week? We're interested in getting an international cross-section, so if you live outside the US, we'd love to hear from you as well.

#9 Job description: Dream job.

by boreno

Friday February 25th, 2000 3:27 PM

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Well, okay. Here I am, trying to define my dream-job. Actually, I've done it before (surprise!), so it shouldn't be impossible - This is something every worker in this field ought to do.

I define myself as a programmer. Really, I define myself as a programmer; rather than a "person", or "cool-party-guy". I am a programmer, who happens to do C++. So, that aside, define programming. The easy answer for me, is creativity. The hard answer? It's the same - creativity. Because what is creativity? Is it to actually *do* something? Anything? With your hands? Or mind, or any other favourite part of your body?

One thing is for sure: creativity comes with the group, rather than the individual. So, the workplace must support the individual to work well in a group. And the individual must support the group in being creative, being open-minded to ideas even though they seem or feel wrong, or out-of context. To say "yes", "worth discussing" and "let's find out", rather than "no", "it's wrong" or "we don't do things that way". The people, management and support organisation must be equally skilled to perfection, and equally curious to what perfection really means.

Creativity defined (ha!), I'd say I am creative around the clock. That is, I wouldn't stop creating ideas or solutions just because I'm leaving office. And I don't - working at the R&D department at an International company in Sweden, I have plenty of things to create.

As for having the dream job, the job with truly creative coworkers, creative working environment and create attitude from management and internal support, I guess there's more to ask for than I have. And, defining the dream-job is really about just this: to learning what's missing, in order to fix it. Or, at least, beginning the process of fixing it, before life is at the end. Which, by the way, it isn't. :-)

That just about wraps it up, Ludvig A. Norin Programmer