Weekend Discussion

Friday February 25th, 2000

Most of our readers have jobs doing computer-related work. Not all of those readers find their jobs enjoyable. If you could have your ideal job in a computer-related field, what would it be? If you are in your ideal job, tell us why it is ideal. Related to that, how many hours a week do you work, and do you think it's reasonable? What would you consider a reasonable work week? We're interested in getting an international cross-section, so if you live outside the US, we'd love to hear from you as well.

#3 Part Time

by gerbilpower <>

Friday February 25th, 2000 11:12 AM

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I like my job, but it's part time since us college students need cash to waste. I'm just a humble layout artist for my school paper, which is semi-professional considering our large circulation.

But a computer-related job I would really love is web design, since I get to be a lot more creative, use Photoshop, and hand-code some HTML (yes, I still like hand-coding and although programs like Dreamweaver are cool, I feel uncomfortable using them sometimes).

And I have no clue for a work week, but if it's something I really enjoy I probably won't mind working a few extra hours.