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Friday February 25th, 2000

Most of our readers have jobs doing computer-related work. Not all of those readers find their jobs enjoyable. If you could have your ideal job in a computer-related field, what would it be? If you are in your ideal job, tell us why it is ideal. Related to that, how many hours a week do you work, and do you think it's reasonable? What would you consider a reasonable work week? We're interested in getting an international cross-section, so if you live outside the US, we'd love to hear from you as well.

#28 Dream On

by sebbo <>

Monday February 28th, 2000 10:00 AM

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Guides in Maine make (okay, made, in '94) $40-$60/day, $70, if they were real good. On the Shenandoah, we made even less. Tips help, but they're very erratic. Except for high summer, employment is spotty for any but the most senior guides. And don't forget, you're dealing extensively with The Customer, a few of whom will blame you for the drizzle, blame you for the boring parts of the river, blame you for the scary parts of the river. Some folks will also be outraged at the idea that they, the <i>paying customers</i> are actually expected to paddle, instead of that being the sole responsibility of the help (that means you).

The folks I saw who actually made a good living at it owned their own raft companies or dealt drugs on the side. The western scene may be somewhat different, but not too much, I suspect.

OTOH, the seasonal nature of the work means it could coexist with a coding job pretty peacefully.