Weekend Discussion

Friday February 25th, 2000

Most of our readers have jobs doing computer-related work. Not all of those readers find their jobs enjoyable. If you could have your ideal job in a computer-related field, what would it be? If you are in your ideal job, tell us why it is ideal. Related to that, how many hours a week do you work, and do you think it's reasonable? What would you consider a reasonable work week? We're interested in getting an international cross-section, so if you live outside the US, we'd love to hear from you as well.

#18 Where to start?

by Kovu <>

Saturday February 26th, 2000 9:39 AM

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I love my job(s). I do have one main job, editing technical Dummies books mostly, but I love that because I learn something new about computers every day.

Then I'm also:

A freelance writer at times (you may have read one or two of my articles here at MZ).

A Web designer ( <> <> ).

Editor in chief at ( <> see the link for preview of the new Amiga interface!)

A soon to be (I hope) technical writer, as I'm working on convincing my company to let me write on various topics, from the new Amiga OS to Netscape Online to AOL TV (with its former Amiga technologies I had a head start on this one)-- tomorrow's technology enthralls me and I'm positively bored with what we've got today.

A dedicated Mozilla and NGAmiga evangelist and a firm believer that both Classic and NG Amiga should have Mozilla.

A would-be hacker, I'm studying C now specifically so I can understand and hack Mozilla. I'd actually like to take Netscape up on the "documenting Mozilla" project if I can. We'll see.

Hours? I work 37.5 a week roughly at work, but then I come home and work on book proposals, articles, (AO), my AmigaMozilla page, etc., etc. I have little life in particular but boy am I excited about everything I'm working on. I don't have time for a life any more than the Netscape programmers working night and day on Mozilla right now. Luckily I'm not married - she'd have left me by now. I consider 37.5 quite reasonable, but as a whole I don't mind working pretty much non-stop on emerging technology (or rather writing about it) like I am now. As long as I'm young (27) and it excites me, I'm okay with the long hours staring at the computer screen.

Dream job? Well I'm working on it, really. Writing (and or editing) about cutting-edge technology. I may be doing some tech editing for the new Amiga Corp. Looking at their new real-time Elate/Intent-based operating environment, that excites me more than pretty much anything else, as well as writing books for IDGB about it.

But I also envy Pink and the guys and gals working at Netscape. You guys are part of something huge right now, and it must feel damn good.