Jazilla Meeting

Wednesday February 23rd, 2000

Matthew Schmidt writes, "This Sunday there's going to be a meeting for those interested in learning about and contributing to the Jazilla Project. Some programmers from the group will be there to help you with questions you might have. The meeting will be held Sunday @ 9:30 PM EST on on #jazilla. The project's webpage is located at"

#3 Sucks for us in Europe

by muesli <>

Sunday February 27th, 2000 1:51 AM

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This comment's a bit late, but maybe for next time: 9:30 PM EST is 2:30 AM in England, and 3:30 AM in Germany, on Monday morning.

I would have attended the meeting, but can't swing that.

I know we can't please everyone around the whole world, but here's an idea:

Meeting sometime in the late afternoon, EST. This would put it in the early afternoon PST, and evening European time.

Now, I have no idea what this will do to people in Asia or Australia...

- Robb