Communicator 4.72 Released

Tuesday February 22nd, 2000

Communicator 4.72 is out, in Windows, Mac and many Unix variants. Is this gonna be the last upgrade?

#48 Bug Fixes, Next Versions, and Sanity Check

by ryanm32712 <>

Thursday February 24th, 2000 4:26 PM

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As for what's different in 4.72, there is increased stability in general browsing (as far as i've seen) and increased stability in layers (the <DIV> tag kind). I'm guessing, since mozilla is in Alpha, netscape won't release anything new unless there is some kind of major security bug. As for the sarcastic comments about the number of changes. Remember! This is not nearly a major release. Don't expect to see a major difference between 4.7 and 4.72 since there wasn't a major change in 4.6 to 4.7. Think proportionally people.