BetaNews - "Ask the Mozilla Team Anything"

Monday February 21st, 2000

BetaNews will be doing an informal QA with Mozilla developers. Andrew Niese writes, "Recently I've lined up an interview with some staffers at and Netscape, and we are currently taking readers' questions that we will use in the interview."

#8 Re: Betanews comments - waste of time

by gerbilpower <>

Thursday February 24th, 2000 9:36 AM

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Okay, I wasn't going to read the BetaNews post at all (for obvious reasons) but I did, and I couldn't get pass the post from the guy who wanted an uninstaller ... ROFL!!!! Sorry, I know some people aren't familiar with unzipping but how hard is it to select a directory and hit delete? Removing Mozilla off my computer is so much easier than removing other programs.