BetaNews - "Ask the Mozilla Team Anything"

Monday February 21st, 2000

BetaNews will be doing an informal QA with Mozilla developers. Andrew Niese writes, "Recently I've lined up an interview with some staffers at and Netscape, and we are currently taking readers' questions that we will use in the interview."

#4 The best post ever.

by kerz <>

Tuesday February 22nd, 2000 9:41 AM

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by f0xmuld3r, which could be the lamest name ever: "hehe, prolly stupid enough to think that open source this and that does anything. Open source is more of a hobby than anything else. Why do you think there are alreay programs that can do anything imaginable, prolly because these are the real developers who know how to code and not some "leet" loser who doesn't realize that boasting about his qualifications makes him into an idiot.


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