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Friday February 18th, 2000

What *one* feature would you most like Mozilla to have by final release? If it's already on the slate to be in the final release, let us know why it's important to you. Just click the Responses link to join the conversation! Our forums are quite civil, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

#26 Roaming Bookmarks...

by hleal

Saturday February 19th, 2000 12:50 AM

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Well, i haven't seen this feature in any browser, but i like it very much.

The idea is to have kind of new type of bookmarks, which are stored in servers over the internet (may be yahoo, visto, netcenter, etc.) So if I move form one machine to another, i can request, use, and update my bookmarks in a easy way.

Actually, when i go from work to home, and home to work, i need to send e-mails with new bookmarks i have found in order to have them in sync.

May be, the same can be done with another mozilla setings, (skins, cookies, e-mail, etc.)

So, what do you think?

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