Weekend Discussion

Friday February 18th, 2000

What *one* feature would you most like Mozilla to have by final release? If it's already on the slate to be in the final release, let us know why it's important to you. Just click the Responses link to join the conversation! Our forums are quite civil, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

#162 I agree

by hubick <>

Sunday February 20th, 2000 10:27 PM

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Your right...Mozilla needs to get the basics right first!

I would think the order of operations for building the web (properly) would be something like HTML 4, CSS1, PNG, XML, CSS2, SVG, and XSL, etc. The order in which support for these things is added to Mozilla should reflect this.

I mean...GIF is bad...the web needs to be built on truly open standards. Images are about as basic functionality to the web as you can get after HTML itself. Thus I would place a really high priority on full PNG support.