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Friday February 18th, 2000

What *one* feature would you most like Mozilla to have by final release? If it's already on the slate to be in the final release, let us know why it's important to you. Just click the Responses link to join the conversation! Our forums are quite civil, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

#124 Re: "New Window" BEHIND current one, ple

by rkl

Sunday February 20th, 2000 4:34 AM

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I think you must mean "new windows *not* initiated by a user click" surely ? In other words, JavaScript window-opening code would be what you'd want opening behind your current window.

If I clicked on the middle button (assuming that'll work in Mozilla...) or selected "Open New Browser" or whatever with my mouse, I'd always want the new window in front and I cannot see the logic in putting a user-requested new window behind other windows - in fact, it would be a poor feature !

But yes, those annoying JavaScript pop-up ad windows that aren't directly requested by a user click would be most welcome put behind other windows :-)