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Friday February 18th, 2000

What *one* feature would you most like Mozilla to have by final release? If it's already on the slate to be in the final release, let us know why it's important to you. Just click the Responses link to join the conversation! Our forums are quite civil, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

#123 Re: you can hide the sidebar completely

by rkl

Sunday February 20th, 2000 4:28 AM

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Yes, I know you can hide the sidebar - what I'm saying is that the *default* should be to have the sidebar hidden. IE 5 does not show the History window by default (its closest equivalent) - you have to pro-actively select it. The same should apply to Mozilla - the first comment from newbies running Mozilla will be "the browsing area isn't very big is it ? How do I get rid of that pointless sidebar ?"

I rarely use the History window in IE5, but it's nice to be able to bring it up occasionally, select what I want and then get rid of it because it's such an enormous space-waster like Mozilla's sidebar is. I bet you that's what 99% of IE users and probably what 99% of Mozilla users will do. Hence, my opinion is that the sidebar should be off when you first install Mozilla.