Weekend Discussion

Friday February 18th, 2000

What *one* feature would you most like Mozilla to have by final release? If it's already on the slate to be in the final release, let us know why it's important to you. Just click the Responses link to join the conversation! Our forums are quite civil, and we'd love to hear your opinions.

#109 FTP!

by caseyperkins <>

Saturday February 19th, 2000 7:11 PM

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Here's one that no one has mentioned so far that's high on my list: File upload with FTP, both from the File menu and drag and drop like in N4. I know most people probably use command line FTP or some other FTP client, but I've gotten a lot of mileage out of that feature in N4. Also, students in HTML classes I have taught usually breathe an sigh of relief when I show them this feature in N4, after having demonstrated something as clunky and complicated as WS_FTP. Let's not take a step back; Netscape has had drag and drop FTP upload since version 2 (maybe before, for all I know)!