NGLayout ActiveX Control Proceeding Well

Monday October 5th, 1998

Adam Lock is working on an ActiveX wrapper for NGLayout that will allow it to be embedded in applications as IE can be currently. Here's a snippet from Adam's recent update: "I have just checked a load of changes into CVS for the NGlayout based, IE compatible control... I have also added some sample apps written in VB and C++ into a "tests" subdirectory. For good measure I have also added IEPatcher here as well so you can attempt to patch an existing IE-based app to use the Mozilla control. I suggest you read this site for general explanatory info on the project and its aims."

This is impressive work, and if you have the ability to compile apps on Windows, check it out and tell us what you think.

#1 Re: Mozilla ActiveX patcher

by Patching explorer.exe

Monday October 5th, 1998 8:08 AM

Explorer.exe (both the GUI and the web browser with IE4) is just a wrapper around the IE4 ActiveX control. It would be really cool if you could patch explorer.exe to use Mozilla instead of IE...

#2 Patching IE

by thom

Monday October 5th, 1998 1:07 PM

Wouldn't that make us an integrated part of Windows? That would be "innovative"...

Actually, it would be an interesting excercise since it would tend to flush out any use of undocumented APIs on IE's part.