Whither M14?

Thursday February 17th, 2000

M14 is being handled a little differently than previous Milestone builds, according to this news post from Jim Roskind. Instead of building a solo M14 branch, and stabilizing that, they are going to continue to squash PDT+ and Beta flagged bugs, and will flag some daily builds this week as potential M14 candidates.

Jim also talks a bit about Netscape's beta plans. Their list of "beta blocking" bugs is shrinking quickly, but they haven't yet reached a point where Netscape feels comfortable doing a "beta" branch for stabilization. Jim says that he hope that happens "in short order".

We have to wait, but if some of the improvements over the past week are any indication, it will definitely be worth it.

#5 CSS and correctnessof Gecko?

by rjc999

Friday February 18th, 2000 12:31 AM

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I sincerely hope that CSS1 support is 100% perfect in the final release. Otherwise, there will be yet another headache as developers "workaround" the bugs, which will cause problems when newer versions of the browser fix them.

Some developers may say screw it, and stick with the 98% version to remain bug-for-bug compatible. I feel that this time, the browser shouldn't be released unless the HTML/CSS standards support is perfect, even if it means waiting.

(I'm am talking about the FCS version, not the beta)

The mozilla pages have listed the CSS support as 98% for a while now (all the way since M8 atleast). I'm wondering why progress has stopped on that 2%?

Anyway, can anyone explain why Mozilla displays <> with the widgets in the wrong place, but Netscape and IE display it correctly? It's probably bad HTML somewhere, but IE/NS4 still display it correctly.