Whither M14?

Thursday February 17th, 2000

M14 is being handled a little differently than previous Milestone builds, according to this news post from Jim Roskind. Instead of building a solo M14 branch, and stabilizing that, they are going to continue to squash PDT+ and Beta flagged bugs, and will flag some daily builds this week as potential M14 candidates.

Jim also talks a bit about Netscape's beta plans. Their list of "beta blocking" bugs is shrinking quickly, but they haven't yet reached a point where Netscape feels comfortable doing a "beta" branch for stabilization. Jim says that he hope that happens "in short order".

We have to wait, but if some of the improvements over the past week are any indication, it will definitely be worth it.

#2 Cool :)

by sab39

Thursday February 17th, 2000 8:49 AM

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I'm actually very pleased about this. The number of M14 bugs, and the number of beta1 bugs, still seem to be too high that pushing a beta out at this point would probably look bad on mozilla to the average joe. Not to mention that there seem to be quite a lot of bugs which are blockers to quite a lot of people that are scheduled for M15.

On the other hand, for those of us who have been using Moz milestones for ages already, the sooner M14 is out the better (I want the cool new features... and debian only seems to want to package milestones).

So I think this is good news for everyone concerned. The beta will be more polished and stable than it would have been if it had been pushed out now, so Mozilla looks better to the rest of the world. And we get another milestone without a long delay :)