Netscape Comments on Beta

Tuesday February 15th, 2000

A reader named "(if)" has for us a piece from LinuxToday on Netcenter's growing member base. The interesting part of the piece, however, is Netcenter's Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Martin stating that the beta will be coming out within 60 days. You probably knew that already, but it's interesting that they're starting to talk more openly about it now. You should also note that they're not "releasing" a product as was reported elsewhere.

#15 Clarification

by Tanyel <>

Friday February 18th, 2000 9:42 AM

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I think I understand now. You thought I was saying C-Net is accurate because Netcenter uses it. I do not trust C-net any more than I trust Microsoft, AOL, or escaped convicts who try to get me alone with them.

I was not trying to imply that C-net is accurate because Netcenter uses it. I was asking why Netcenter would use a news service that is known to be horrible, especially one that often publishes inaccurate information about Netscape and Mozilla.