Some Reasons to Try Out a Nightly Build

Sunday February 13th, 2000

If you haven't tried a nightly build in the past few days, we might have some reasons for you to do so.

Borofkin writes, "The latest nightly build has persistant proxy authentication, making it usable for those of us whose only Internet access is via an authenticating proxy server." I know a lot of people have been asking for this to be implemented.

Second, if you have shied away from using Mozilla's Mail/News because of the slow performance of the thread pane, you should really give it a try now. The threadpane now scrolls smoothly. There are still a few bugs, but the improvement is very noticable.

#18 Speaking of M14 close...

by sab39

Tuesday February 15th, 2000 8:46 AM

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I just looked on Bugzilla for beta1 bugs; it seems there are still 400 beta1 bugs open, 254 of which are targeted M14. That sounds like the goal of hitting M14 close with zarro beta1 bugs won't be acheived. According to the last message I read from a seamonkey-project-dude, if they couldn't get close to that goal, there was the possibility of postponing the NS branded beta until M15 :( Anyone have any inside info on whether they're going to continue to shoot for an M14-based beta or whether they'll push it back to M15?

Thanks for any info,