MathML-enabled M13 Builds For Win32

Saturday February 12th, 2000

Dawn Endico has built a MathML-enabled M13 build for Win32 platforms, so now Linux and Win32 users can test out MathML with the W3C test suites, submit bug reports, and heap praise on the appropriate parties.

#4 A test file

by pmg

Sunday February 13th, 2000 5:11 PM

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A mathml test can be found here: <…artside/mozBugs/genfn.xml>

Warning! Many example mathml files you will find on the web do not work. There are various reasons for this (not all of which I understand).

First of all the files needs to have a .xml extension. Second the header needs to be right. (See the example.) Third there are problems (in xml in general) with namespaces. A solution is to replace all occurences of <math> with <math xmlns="<>">

Fourth many mathml files on the web were produced by a latex to mathml converter of some sort. -The example above is a modified version of a14x.html from <>" -as produced by tex4ht. It contained various mathml errors, and xml documents which dont parse dont display. This (it being a converted document) also means it doesnt display as well as it could if more carefully written in mathml.

Finally entity names dont always seem to match up.

So all in all, please be patient when viewing mathml documents with mozilla.

I am *very* grateful to those who have been working on mathml in mozilla. They are all(?) volunteers and deserve our congratulations and support.