Name of Netscape Browser?

Friday February 11th, 2000

I've gotten a number of submissions to a news article that supposedly gives the name of Netscape's next branded browser as Netscape 6.0. However, from talking to some folks at Netscape, I have found out that they have not yet settled on a name, so this news is premature (as, apparently, was our mention of the name Netscape 2001). We will let you know when we have a concrete answer.

#37 who cares?

by tkc

Sunday February 13th, 2000 5:57 PM

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Frankly, I don't care what AOL calls the next v. of Netscape. So far, each build gets better and better, and Navigator/Communicator is definitely 'killer app' material. They can call it version 10 for all I care. It rocks.