Name of Netscape Browser?

Friday February 11th, 2000

I've gotten a number of submissions to a news article that supposedly gives the name of Netscape's next branded browser as Netscape 6.0. However, from talking to some folks at Netscape, I have found out that they have not yet settled on a name, so this news is premature (as, apparently, was our mention of the name Netscape 2001). We will let you know when we have a concrete answer.

#31 Re: BeZilla

by just

Saturday February 12th, 2000 6:46 PM

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According to a post on n.p.m.beos: "We have development versions in the works based off M13. We keep fixing bugs."

As far as I can tell, the BeZilla team has been playing a catch-up job from the start. They were getting really close until Necko stopped things a bit. My guess is that 'BONE', the new Networking Environment for R5 would make things much easier in this area (as it finally allows things like sockets as file descriptors which makes porting unix based networking functions much easier... finally we can expect a *real* port of Perl!). I suppose the BeZilla team are using R5 betas now (at least I'm certain Duncan Wilcox would be, working for Be and all, but I don't know if he's got much time for BeZilla at this stage, he's probably working on R5 himself).

Once the BeZilla team catches-up completely I'm sure we can expectBeOS releases for all further milestones and I'm certain that with R5 freely available for download (and able to be run from Windows) more developers will have access to BeOS. So perhaps we can also expect nightly BeZilla builds too in the near future. I think this is one area where Be's decision to release R5 freely will really have some benefits.