Name of Netscape Browser?

Friday February 11th, 2000

I've gotten a number of submissions to a news article that supposedly gives the name of Netscape's next branded browser as Netscape 6.0. However, from talking to some folks at Netscape, I have found out that they have not yet settled on a name, so this news is premature (as, apparently, was our mention of the name Netscape 2001). We will let you know when we have a concrete answer.

#11 Netscape 1.0

by uksi

Saturday February 12th, 2000 2:03 AM

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People keep asking, "Why not start from Netscape 1.0? since Mozilla is so radically rewritten.

Well, one very good reason for not doing that is once Netscape 2, then 3, then 4 come out, it's going to create confusion between really old versions of Netscape (e.g. current versions of Netscape 4) and really new versions of Netscape.

It may also break scripts that depend on the major version to be above 3 or 4.

If you start from 5 or 6, then you avoid this confusion.