Initial Release of Public Key Infrastructure Code

Friday February 11th, 2000

Interested in Mozilla Crypto work? Frank Hecker writes, "The first release of the Personal Security Manager and Network Security Services source code is now available for download. Note that the code will yet not build, because of the missing proprietary source code, so this release is mainly for people interested in studying the code. Also note that the code is released under the MPL with the GPL as an alternate license, to encourage widespread use of the code not only in Mozilla but in other open source projects as well."

#1 No comment ?!

by RvR

Monday February 14th, 2000 12:32 PM

i'm disappointed a bit... i expected this article would generate a lof of responses.

ps: i'm not a crypto guru, so i can't comment either. but if there's a crypto guru reading this, it's not too late for him/her to give his/her opinion... thanks in advance.

#2 Re: No comment ?!

by gerbilpower

Monday February 14th, 2000 2:17 PM

I feel along the same lines, so far the most talkative (or controversial?) topics is the name game, user interface, features, and Microsoft.

Crypto should be discussed, but I assume we'll get much discussion when this project is much further downt the lines.

#3 Re: Re: No comment ?!

by Tanyel

Tuesday February 15th, 2000 9:15 PM

I guess people are more interested in the things that have not been completely decided yet. Their input might have more effect on those things. We all can probably guess how the encryption is going to go.