Our First Weekend Discussion

Friday February 11th, 2000

I've decided to try something new at MozillaZine: a "weekend discussion". Every Friday, we'll have a forum on a topic of interest to Mozilla users and developers. Hopefully it will generate some interesting conversations.

This week's topic is "Web Standards". What are your feelings about the current standards "process"? About Mozilla and its standards support? About what standards Mozilla should support in the future? I'm also interested in getting some opinions from Mozilla developers on this issue. How do they feel about being the "guinea pigs" of the standards process, being the first to implement standards specifications and also being the ones to deal with the vagaries and inconsistencies between revisions in the current specs? How are developers feeling about Mozilla's standards support so far?

Our forums are quite civil, so don't be afraid to speak your mind. We'd love to hear what you have to say. Just click the "responses" link below to get started.

#2 I love the standards, just want bug-free

by hodeleri <>

Friday February 11th, 2000 11:19 AM

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The nice thing about the standards is a write once run anyware ability. I've created a fully HTML4.0 CSS2 page that looks great (minus a few very minor bugs) under Mozilla. Every other browser except for the text-only version make it look ugly (Opera doesn't do too bad.)

The ability for me to set up a page that I can easily change the style layout, whatever is what I want most. I've built half of a database backed web page, and now I am writing the input section. My input page will rely on DOM to do much of the correctness checking so I can submit it straight to the database with no problems. The DOM works great for this, except for one bug in extracting the value from a for input.

Enough rambling. The best part about standards is that you can look in one place for all of the information you need. If I need to know how to change the colors of divs I go to; for proper syntax in HTML,; for moving my page to XHTML or XML, and for DOM methods, again, Everything I need to know about writing whatever web application I want is within reach, rather than having to rummage through search engines trying to find the specs for IE's DOM or NS4's DOM or whatever. With a standards body, everything is exactly where I need it.